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As seen on dragons den

by Christine Vloe |

As seen on dragons den

The future is bamboo was born in 2017, as a family business composed of Mathieu Simard, Naomi Berg and Sylvie Langlois. We are dedicated to manufacture and distribute environmentally friendly bamboo products at an affordable price, helping our planet and our communities to abandon plastic for their daily needs ! Why Bamboo? Nowadays, we are more than ever concerned about product safety and sustainability. We learned that our reliance on materials such as plastics, not only posed a danger to our health, but to our entire planet. Sustainable farming practices and environmentally friendly products like ours, are becoming increasingly important to everyone.
Bamboo is the perfect substitute for plastics, but also more renewable than some hardwoods.
  • Light yet strong
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Easy to grow (up to 91 cm per day!)
  • Very versatile.
There is no doubt that bamboo is becoming the most functional natural material in the struggle to create a cleaner future.

The Dragon’s Den experience

In order to be able to grow our business more and more, we’ve decided to participate to The Dragon’s Den. Starting a business is not a small task. Whatever your idea, it’s always a lot of work and a ton of money. The concept of DRAGONS ‘DEN is ; entrepreneurs like us, have their concepts and business / products and they have to discuss it with a group of successful entrepreneurs who are already well known for their expertise. Their goal is to invest their own money so… it was a little bit stressful ! They all went through there so, young entrepreneurs avoid entering the “Den” without being prepared, we tell you ! You need more than just passion to convince these business people to invest their own money in your project. In the Den, two Dragons decided to make an offer.  Vincenzo Guzzo, Quebecois tycoon, offered $100,000 for 30%. However it’s Manjit Minhas, with her access to 20,000 retail outlets in North America, who managed to convince us, with her offer of $ 100,000 for 15%.  We sealed this agreement by a handshake, happy to educate people at a national level, about our bamboo movement, which is great for the environment! Thank you to all those who have encouraged us from the beginning as consumers but also our distributors, sales reps & retail stores, who are always behind us with whom we form a strong and motivated team!