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Ambassador program

The future is bamboo’s mission is to make eco-friendly bamboo products accessible & affordable to everyone.

It’s a long road ahead; most people still aren’t aware of their daily plastic usage and how much it is a nuisance to our planet. Fortunately, the road is bright and so is The future!

We need help from people like you : you care about the Earth, you know that every little gestures matter and you are passionate about sharing brands that care too.

Ambassador @jayderossi brushes her teeth in front of a bathroom mirror

Come be a part of something big.
Reflecting our clientele means having a diverse and intersectional ambassador team!

Our goal is inclusion & representation

We are actively looking for people from all cultures to represent our brand, as well as LGBTQIA, disabled communities
and beyond.

Working towards a greener future

The future is bamboo’s mission is to make eco-friendly bamboo products accessible & affordable to everyone.
With your help, we can
spread the word!

Share the love

When you become one of our ambassador, you help share your passion for eco-friendly products and encourage people to make more eco-friendly choices for our Planet.

Let us know here you want to be part of our team!

Thank you!

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer paid collaborations?

Yes, however most of our ambassadors are under our "trade" collaboration agreement. They receive free products (up to 14 items yearly) in exchange for posted online content. Varying from Instagram posts and stories, to TikTok video to Youtube reviews, let us know what you do best and we can see what would be the best opportunity.

When will I get contacted? 

We select our ambassadors quarterly (basically every season), so 4 times a year. We will be contacting you when you have been selected. We also welcome everyone to re-submit every 4 months if you don't hear back.

I don't have a huge following on social media, can I still be an ambassador? 

Yes, we encourage you to still apply! We enjoy working with both micro and macro influencers+ambassadors and would love to see how a collaboration could be mutually beneficial.