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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your bristles made of ?
    The only natural material which has the same properties as nylon is either boar or badger hair. We are proudly a vegan and cruelty free company, so that’s a big NO for us. We use recyclable DUPONT Nylon-6, free from the toxin BPA (Bisphenol A) and other nasty chemicals.
  • Do you have recommended usage or disposal instructions ?
    We sure do! Please check out our Care & Disposal Page
  • Where do you produce your products ?
    Our MOSO bamboo grows amazingly fast (up to 91cm day!) in China and is cultivated by responsible farmers.
  • Can I buy The future is bamboo locally ?
    We LOVE local shopping. Our products are today available at hundred of spots around North America and Mexico. If your local favorite retailers still isn’t offering our products, let them know you’d like to have The future is bamboo available at their store!
  • What about Pandas? Are you stealing their food ?
    Since we love all animals so much, we would never steal from their food source ! Pandas rely on Pseudosasa japonica (arrow bamboo), although they have been known to also eat Phyllostachys nigra (black bamboo) and Phyllostachys bissetii (bissetii bamboo). Since we only use MOSO bamboo Phyllostachys pubescens , we are in the clear. Whew!
  • Do you have any surface treatment on the toothbrush handles ?
    Yes! The bamboo is surface treated with natural wax. This improves the grip and hygienic properties of our toothbrushes.
  • I saw The future is bamboo toothbrushes at my local store ; however the packaging is PET1 plastic. What the heck?!
    We understand your concerns and we’re happy to explain why we chose the recycled/recyclable plastic (PET1) material for our first launch. Our market research revealed that toothbrushes in opaque cardboard packagings get open frequently on sales floor, to “see” the product.Since toothbrushes are a HYGIENE product (a medical device class 1 actually), retailers would have to damage product and unable to sell. That’s a ton of waste ! We then chose PET1 : RECYCLED + RECYCLABLE packaging that made product easily visible. As they are sealed for your protection, we avoid wasting damaged products. However, on our quest to never have to use plastic again, we developed a sealed biodegradable envelope that is INSIDE a cardboard box to ensure we can now provide a sealed hygienic product as well as a cardboard packaging. This current packaging is currently being rolled out all over North America.