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With awareness for environmental issues on the rise across the planet, this family owned and operated company decided to do more than just talk about it: they decided to get to work.

Founded in mid-2017, The future is bamboo started with a simple idea : an eco-friendly alternative to prevent 4.9 billion plastic toothbrushes to end up in our oceans and landfills yearly.

After extensive market research, trial and error, they launched their first bamboo toothbrush collection in November 2017.

But having a great bamboo toothbrush wasn’t enough : it needed to be affordable and reputable.


“Bamboo toothbrushes were somewhat available online back then from obscure vendors with no certifications, and quite expensive” says Mathieu co-founder. “We wanted to stand by a product that everyone can afford, as well as pick up easily at their favorite grocery store and pharmacy.” The future is bamboo’s certifications include P.E.T.A.’s vegan and cruelty free, BPA free, Health Canada registered and FSC [Responsible Forestry].


“As the Green movement grows we are seeing a steady shift in consumer consciousness. Customers are now more than ever savvy with what they put in their carts. We aim to make eco-friendly products accessible and affordable to everyone” says Naomi co-founder.

In September 2019, The future is bamboo launched their TAKE ME OUT bamboo utensil sets ; a zero waste option to single-use plastic. The practical set can be clipped onto a backpack, handbag, keychain etc. It makes eating out easy and Earth conscious. Bamboo is great for utensils as it is highly durable and reusable. The unique pouches (available in Pastel AlpacaSummer Fruit and Cactus) are made out of recycled plastic bottles giving them a second life.


“It’s all about making practical everyday items that encourages and support a circular economy.” adds Naomi.


The future is bright for The future is bamboo and one Dragon from the Den took notice on their appearance on the CBC cult following show Dragons’ Den, in November 2019. Manjit Minhas, the beer baroness, loved the business and the mission so much, she offered 100,000$ for 15% of their business.


2020 is looking plastic free ! The future is bamboo is now available in over 1500 stores in North America with no signs of slowing down. “We have several new products coming out in 2020; all carefully designed and ready to replace your plastic favorites” adds Mathieu.

Why bamboo? It is biodegradable, naturally antimicrobial and highly sustainable ; it can grow up to 91 cm in one day, making it an amazing resource.

 The bamboo used is from the MOSO (Phyllostachys edulis) variety, which is not a variety that pandas eat, therefore not depleting their food sources. “As a vegan brand, it was really important to us” mentions Sylvie, co-founder. Since then, The future is bamboo’s demand has grown from not only bamboo toothbrushes, but to everyday essentials such as straws, utensils and even cotton swabs.

Thank you for making an impact with us!