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We aim to make eco-friendly accessible and affordable to everyone.

Make the switch.
Ditch plastic


"Super glad I bought these utensils which allow me to avoid using plastic stuff. I also bought an extra box of straws, and I'm very happy with it. I can't wait to start traveling again so I can take them everywhere! For the sake of the planet, everyone should have their bamboo utensils and straws!"

Denise B. - Montréal, Canada

"I've been wanting to try bamboo toothbrushes for so long now and I was pleasantly surprised with how clean my teeth feel after brushing. I love the different colours that come in the family pack, as well as the kids unicorn and superhero designs for kids brushes - my family of 5 each gets their own colour/design"

Meredith H.

"I love the TAKE ME OUT Pastel Alpaca utensil set! I use it when I bring my lunches at work and not only I love the quality, but the carrying case is super convenient and cute!"

Nathalie M. - Costa Mesa

Committed to helping the Planet.


Our bamboo is responsibly sourced. Our packaging is biodegradable. Our mailers are compostable. #byeplastic

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100% biodegradable Bamboo.
No animal testing.
Always Vegan.
No sketchy chemicals.
Wallet Friendly.
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